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R. Gary Raham

P.O. Box 399

Wellington, Colorado 80549-0399

Phone 970-568-3557




R. Gary Raham



Author/illustrator and former biology teacher, Gary Raham, loves to bring science alive—especially paleontology—through his writing and illustrating work. He has written (and in some cases illustrated) 17 titles of science fact and/or science fiction. He writes science columns for The North Forty News and Colorado Gardener Magazine and serves as Assistant Editor for Trilobite Tales, the newsletter of the Western Interior Paleontological Society.

Raham has written for Cricket, Highlights for Children, Discovery Channel Books, Good Neighbor Press, Chelsea House, Marshall-Cavendish, Teacher Ideas Press, Fulcrum and other publishers. He has illustrated for Grolier, Inc., Oxford University Press, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the City of Fort Collins.


School Visits, Presentations & Fees

Presentations fall into four major categories:

• Earth science/paleontology (including dinosaurs)

• Nature Journaling (both writing and drawing)

• Writing about science

• Drawing for Science


Topics can be slanted toward kids, adults, or writing/illustrating professionals. The author will build presentations around his book and magazine work.


Confessions of a Time Traveler

Learn how an artist fascinated with deep time became a teacher, author and illustrator focused on the intersection of science, art and education.  Many examples originate from the author’s experiences while writing and illustrating The Deep Time Diaries—the adventures of two teens hijacked by alien, time-traveling robots. This book is currently used by several PSD middle schools as a science/English supplement. Students are encouraged to follow their dreams and use their own unique skills to mold careers in science and art. Although I can customize my presentation to meet your teaching needs, “Confessions of a Time-Traveler" is always popular. (4th through 8th grade students):

• Examine real fossils and discover the stories they tell

• Learn how to travel the corridors of deep time

• Discover how scientists unravel nature's mysteries

• Enjoy art and stories that bring the past alive

• Learn how to find and follow their own dreams


Relevant author titles: The Deep Time Diaries, Fulcrum, 2000 (Middle school and older), Fossils, Chelsea House, 2009 (Middle school), Confessions of a Time Traveler, Penstemon Publications, 2015 (High School & College)

Note: Teachers can learn more about using The Deep Time Diaries in the April/May issue of Science Scope, the NSTA journal for middle school science teachers.


“Gary Raham builds bridges for readers, helping them learn about fossils, dinosaurs, plants and much more. His realistic, often colorful illustrations and concise, well-researched writing help audiences of all ages understand Earth’s long history and the role of life in it.” — Justine Ciovacco, Managing Editor, Chelsea House & the World Almanac for Kids Online

“Gary Raham is a marvelous storyteller and teacher. From his personal experiences to his science fiction, Raham intrigues us and makes us want to learn more.” — Louis H. Taylor Ph.D., Vertebrate Paleontologist

“Confessions of a Time Traveler is interlaced with humor, humility, good science and Raham’s keen sense that there’s always more out there to learn and share.” — Doug Conarroe, Editor, North Forty News

“Gary Raham approaches the natural world like a science detective. While his prose weaves together past, present and future, his illustrations dazzle, revealing hidden, imagined and juxtaposed worlds.” — Jane Shellenberger, Publisher, Colorado Gardener


Wandering on the Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore

Raham shows students how he created the prose and illustrations for The Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore, a graphic short story that follows a time traveler trying to find the creatures that transformed a world. Students get a chance to observe fossils collected in Colorado and make sketches of their own.

Relevant author title: The Dinosaurs Last Seashore, Biostration, 2010


"After the session they clustered around him to squeeze in just a few more eager questions" — Judy Blum

"Not only was the science you presented interesting, factual and based on true field experiences, but you also inspired my class to be better field journalers." — Jamie Newton

Other comments from Colorado teachers:

"Very valuable! Inspiring—especially to my young artists!" 3rd grade teacher (Wahler) — Estes Park Elementary, Estes Park, CO

"This presentation was valuable on many levels: writing, Illustrating, science, and history!" — 4th grade teacher (Mitchell)

"My kids were really interested and it gave me a perfect reason to have them write on their own following the presentation. I was able to get in the fact that you had done a great deal of research, so writing was easier to accomplish. You write about what you know! I know the kids especially liked the vest with the various fossils that you brought out! A great captivator." — 3rd grade teacher (Phillips)


Drawing on Nature: Making and Using a Naturalist’s Notebook

Students have fun drawing what they see and engaging all their senses to create naturalist notebooks. Paying attention to nature provides multiple rewards: constant enjoyment, the wonder of discovery and practice with skills that stimulate both right and left sides of the brain.

Relevant author title: Explorations in Backyard Biology: Drawing on Nature in the Classroom, Teacher Ideas Press, 1996


Creating Windows to the Past

An introduction to what it takes to become a natural science illustrator: a skilled artist that must interpret science for scientists and the general public. Students will study some mystery fossils and get the chance to sketch and/or paint the living creatures they represent and the world they lived in!


"Gary is a master scientist as well as an accomplished author and illustrator, and he always prepares his lessons taking into account my needs as a teacher to teach standards and content while at the same time bringing a 'real-world' perspective to the lesson."—Victoria Jordan, Science Department Chair, Wellington Junior High, Wellington, CO

"Gary was warm, easy to work with and cares a great deal about his subject area. After the session they clustered around him to squeeze in just a few more eager questions."—Jude Blum, Librarian/Technology Coordinator, Logan School for Creative Learning, Denver, CO

"Very valuable! Inspiring--especially to my young artists!" — 3rd grade teacher, Estes Park Elementary, Estes Park, CO

"This presentation was valuable on many levels: writing, Illustrating, science and history!" — 4th grade teacher, Estes Park Elementary, Estes Park, CO

"My kids were really interested and it gave me a perfect reason to have them write on their own following the presentation. I was able to get in the fact that you had done a great deal of research, so writing was easier to accomplish. You write about what you know! I know the kids especially liked the vest with the various fossils that you brought out! A great captivator." — 3rd grade teacher, Estes Park Elementary, Estes Park, CO


Professional Fees

Full day visits: $800 for up to three presentations and an autograph/question session.

Half day visit: $400 for one presentation and an autograph/question session.

Travel and Lodging expenses are separate and negotiated at time of booking.

Small and rural school districts should inquire about special rates.

Published Books

Confessions of a Time Traveler: The essays, articles and artwork of a deep time junkie

R. Gary Raham (Author) Paperback: 162 pages Publisher: Penstemon Publications (February 4, 2015) ISBN-10: 0990482650 ISBN-13: 978-0990482659

This collection concentrates on essays and articles written for the North Forty News, Colorado Gardener magazine and other regional publications over the past twenty years, but the reader will also discover excerpts from longer works—including a bit of science fiction. I often chuckled as I wrote these pieces and hope you do too. Enjoy the view from a mountaintop. Learn about the microbial conquest of Earth, and how flowering plants remade the world. Visit Pleistocene ghosts at large in the modern world and discover how to make postmodern decisions with prehistoric brains. After finishing the book, you will be prepared to tell your child why plants are green and how to find Great Blue Dinosaurs along the meandering shorelines of majestic desert canyons. And I hope you’ll enjoy my closing letter to our successors (of whatever species) 50,000 years hence.

In this diverse collection of essays, short stories, illustrations, anecdotes and other missives, Raham informs without being dry and teaches without being pedantic while covering a wide range of subjects in biology and the history of science. Overall, the well-rounded collection testifies to the riches gained by sustained dedication to scientific inquiry, an enterprise that involves patience, persistence and original thinking. A welcome excursion for pop-sci fans featuring a number of striking artworks. — Kirkus Reviews

From the Author: I'm proud to offer this collection of articles, essays and short fiction that I've published over the last 30+ years. The title, Confessions of a Time Traveler, is the same title I've used for various school visits and reflects my obsession with fossils and the evolution of life on Earth. I confess a variety of things in this book, but here's an important one: I plan to enter your mind and twiddle a few neurons with words and images in a blatant attempt to allow you to see the intricate edifice of life on planet Earth through my eyes and the importance of preserving its rich diversity. If such non-invasive brain surgery seems scary, it is. But it's what human beings—the master story tellers of planet Earth—do best. They read and rewire minds. Sometimes, those fictions even morph into new realities. — Gary Raham


A Singular Prophecy

R. Gary Raham (Author) Paperback: 154 pages Publisher: CreateSpace (December 13, 2011) ISBN-10: 1468005006 ISBN-13: 978-1468005004

When young paleontologist, Ryan Thompson, finds a new species of Monosaur in Cretaceous seaway sediments, he is thrilled. Joy quickly turns to fear when he touches an artifact buried among the sea reptile’s ribs. Suddenly, he must fight a mental takeover by an alien intelligence committed to transforming the Earth into a refuge for her own species. As Ryan and his girlfriend, Skeets, attempt to thwart alien plans to colonize Earth begun in the deep past, even this crisis becomes trivial when the uneasy symbiosis of Ryan and the alien, Siu, generates a new entity with the power to transform the entire universe.

Gary Raham's book crosses solar systems and time, combining the past and future in a believable and creative way. It was a little hard at first to figure out the two story lines...that of the aliens and that of the young archaeologist, Ryan, who found a six-inch metal sphere embedded in a Monosaur fossil. This piece of metal contains a life form from a past universe and the being inside merges with Ryan on earth in what becomes an epic tale with characters that morph to up the suspense. I'm not typically a Sci Fi reader, but this book was out of the ordinary and explored some interesting ideas. – Nancy Oswald, Author of Rescue in Poverty Gulch

My husband and I both loved this book. The story immediately grabbed our interest and kept us reading. – Marjie Payne

Gary Raham, the author of this enthralling book, seems almost to have been there hundreds of millions of years ago when Siu's dim star blinked out and the trees began to die on the planet known as "Grove". This is the magic of good writing. Raham is no less convincing as he describes the discovery by modern paleontologists on Earth of the jewel-like engram that has carried the genetic imprint of Siu through a galactic gate, out of the void of deep time and into our lives. – Kate Gilmore, author of The Exchange Student

The Restless Earth: Fossils

Gary Raham,  Reading level: Young Adult, Library Binding: 111 pages, Publisher: Chelsea House Publications; 1 edition (April 30, 2009) ISBN-10: 079109703X ISBN-13: 978-0791097038

A finalist in the 2010 Colorado Authors' League Awards for YA nonfiction

Whether a sea monster's bones weathering from limestone, a serrated T. rex tooth the size of a banana, or a tiny trilobite staring back from calcite eyes, fossils provide the only tangible evidence of creatures long vanished on our planet. The book Fossils shows how our understanding of these remains has evolved over time and how fossils are interpreted to resurrect lost worlds. Fledgling paleontologists will learn how professionals collect, display and tell geological time with fossils and what they reveal about life's journey through earth's 4.6 billion-year history. The book concludes by surveying the variety of once-missing fossil links in the development of our own species.

The Dinosaurs' Last Seashore

Gary Raham, Perfect Paperback: 32 pages, Publisher: Biostration (October 1, 2010) ISBN-10: 096263011X ISBN-13: 978-0962630118

A finalist in the 2011 Colorado Author League Awards

 Walk the beaches of Colorado's ancient seashores 72 million years ago with a mysterious time traveler familiar with the territory. Enjoy the glittering shells of now extinct ammonites and baculites and watch young plesiosaurs hatch and thrash their way to home beneath the waves. Make way for herds of dinosaurs that use the shoreline as a seasonal highway. Listen for predators who search the beach for unwary prey. But take time also to color the time traveler's sketches and learn about a world now reduced to fossils trapped in the sandstones of modern Colorado.

Editorial Reviews

Gary Raham has the gift of bringing fossils to life. His story of travels into the world of the Western Interior Seaway is a superb Cretaceous adventure. Aside from giving us a wealth of information about life in and about the seaway, his drawings remind us that fossils aren't just rocks, but were once living beings. — Louis H. Taylor, Ph.D., Vertebrate Paleontologist

Bugs that Kill (Bug Alert)

Gary Raham (Author) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Library Binding: 32 pages Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children's Books; 1 edition (September 2008). ISBN-10: 0761431853 ISBN-13: 978-0761431855

This series is a fascinating look into the world of mini beasts, such as bedbugs, dust mites and mosquitoes. Stunning, close-up microphotographs will draw in even the most reluctant readers and easy-to-read, imaginative text will capture their attention. Each book focuses on different kinds of bugs—from nasty parasites to bugs that help—and explains how even the tiniest of creatures strongly affects our world. Fun facts teach as they intrigue.

Jumpstarters for Life Science Series

Jumpstarters for Life Science: Short Daily Warm-Ups

Grades 4 - 12 Paperback: 48 pages Publisher: Mark Twain (December 1, 2007) ISBN-13: 978-1580374514

Explore life cycles, the diversity of life, and energy flow in living communities with challenging activities that encourage students to observe, research, and experiment. Five warm-ups per reproducible page. Includes answer keys and suggestions for use.

Science Tutor: Physical Science

Paperback: 48 pages Publisher: Mark Twain (January 1, 2006) ISBN-13: 978-1580373319

Physical Science explores the universe of motion, forces and energy that swirls about us daily, but may slip beneath our conscious awareness. In Science Tutor: Physical Science students at grade levels 6 and above review the metric system and study the mechanics of motion, energy, electricity and magnetism, along with the waves of light and sound. High-interest, age-appropriate lessons and activities make learning fun!

Science Tutor: Life Science

Paperback: 48 pages Publisher: Mark Twain (September 1, 2005) ISBN-13: 978-1580373074

Enjoy exploring life science topics under four broad categories included in modern science teaching standards: 1. Patterns in the Living World; 2. Energy Flow in Living Systems; 3. The Human Animal and Levels of Organization, and 4. "Descent and Change."

Science Tutor: Earth & Space Science

Paperback: 48 pages Publisher: Mark Twain (January 1, 2006) ISBN-13: 978-1580373326

Science Tutor: Earth & Space Science explores the nature of our amazing planet Earth and its place within the solar system and the universe at large. Major topics include: "Earth–a Wild and Changing Planet," "Energy and the Atmosphere," "Sailing in the Hydrosphere" and "Earth's cosmic Neighborhood." All topics parallel national science teaching standards for the Earth sciences in middle school and above.

Jumpstarters for Science: Short Daily Warm-Ups

Paperback: 48 pages. Publisher: Mark Twain Media/Carson Dellosa Publishing Co., Inc., 2005. ISBN: 978-1580372961

Short daily warm-up exercises for the classroom.

Science Tutor: Chemistry

Paperback: 48 pages. Publisher: Mark Twain Media/Carson Dellosa Publishing Co., Inc., 2005.  ISBN: 1-58037-298-8

Science activity book with high interest, age appropriate lessons and activities that improve chemistry skills.

The Deep Time Diaries

Recorded by Neesha and Jon Olifee Transcribed by Gary Raham. Fulcrum Publishing. Full color and B/W illustrations, 96 pages October 2000.   ISBN 1555914152

The Olifee family hadn’t planned on an 800 million year journey into the past. But when an accident hurled their shuttle through a wormhole they were on their way toward adventures through Earth’s ancient past. Many years later, paleontologists unearthed the diaries of the Olifee family, the basis for The Deep Time Diaries. Reading this fictional journal, in which the imaginary young Olifees detail their amazing discoveries during their journey through time, students receive a unique introduction to paleontology and geology. Activities, maps, books and Internet resources allow students to relate today’s ecologies to Earth’s history. Teachers: Learn about using The Deep Time Diaries in your middle School classroom in the April/May 2006 issue of Science Scope, the NSTA journal for middle school science teachers. “Creating Deep Time Diaries” by Vicky Jordan and Mark Barnes appears on page 40.

Editorial Reviews

From Fossil News Journal of Avocational Paleontology: "Even though I'm about 30 years older than the target audience (grades 4-7), once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. This has to be the best kids' paleontology book published since Doug Henderson's  Dinosaur Tree (1994)." —Lyn Clos, Editor

From the New York Public Library "...young proto-paleontologists will find plenty of solid information as they enjoy the Olifees' breezy observations and misadventures." —John Peters

From California Academy of Sciences: "This is a very clever and entertaining book!"

From Children's Book Insider: "This book has it all: time travel, technology, dinosaurs and two narrators who sound remarkably like modern-day siblings. The diary entrees are funny and action-packed, and each chapter slips in a tremendous amount of information about the dinosaurs and landscape during that period of time... This is a book that can easily be read several times, especially by dinosaur lovers." —Laura Backes, Editor

From School Library Journal: Raham "transcribes" diaries kept by the two youngest members of a family of time travelers, then adds explanatory essays, places to visit, maps, sources for further information and even games and puzzles. Ragging on one another in a brotherly/sisterly way, Jon and Neesha, with their parents, take an alien time machine to nine points in the distant past, beginning with a stop near the La Brea tar pits about 20,000 years ago and ending in the Precambrian Era 800 million years earlier. Raham does not stint on specific detail in his supplementary material, which ranges from a plethora of mouth-filling scientific names, fossil-distribution charts, and which "dig-your own" fossil sites in the U.S. charge admission to an extensive glossary dubbed "Neesha's Selected Guide to Big Words." Though the illustrations—a mix of simple drawings and watery-looking color scenes—are nothing to write home about compared to the technically accomplished, melodramatic dinosaur art widely available in other books, and some of the various typefaces are thin to the point of invisibility, young proto-paleontologists will find plenty of solid information as they enjoy the Olifees' breezy observations and misadventures. —John Peters, New York Public Library

Dinosaurs in the Garden

Hardcover - 280 pages (June 1988) Plexus Pub; ISBN: 0937548103

Dinosaurs in the Garden provides teachers, students and amateur naturalists a guide to discovering the diverse lives and natural history of the wealth of creatures that share our backyards. Learn how to listen in on starling conversations, build a backyard vivarium, create a spider arena and much more, all while discovering how your backyard neighbors evolved and prospered during Earth's geologic past. Informative without being overly technical, Dinosaurs in the Garden is superbly illustrated with over 180 drawings and photographs.

Editorial Reviews

Booklist, December 1, 1988, pg. 606 – "This accessible collection of backyard explorations and experiments effectively taps into the natural curiosity of biology buffs, in particular parents who wish to investigate the subject of evolution with their children....A nicely illustrated, fact-packed volume for public library collections."

Philip and Phylis Morrison, Scientific American, December 1988, pg. 126 – "Drawings, photographs and an informed but lively text draw out the evolutionary implications of the wonders that abound in the life around us, transmuted by insight out of the commonplace. Amusing, direct, visual, never condescending to the reader or to any other living form—this is a find."

Science News, Vol. 134, pg. 242 – "A fascinating and well-illustrated introduction to natural history that describes commonly encountered creatures, such as starlings and pill bugs, and chronicles the changes that have occurred in them over the length of Earth's long history."

Kevin Cook, nature columnist, in Backyard Bugwatching, No. 6, 1989 – "Raham's book succeeds because he has produced a hybrid between an essay collection and a project workbook...Dinosaurs is for the person who will read a bit, put the book down, go outside and turn over a rock to see just what the heck the author is talking about."

From the Author – I had great fun writing Dinosaurs in the Garden. My kids were young and I was able to introduce them to the natural world and add to my own knowledge at the same time. The book was created while I was working full-time as a graphic artist and is a testament to the fact that 1: Large tasks can be completed one small step at a time and 2: you don't have to travel to exotic locations to find a wealth of fascinating creatures to study: they live their lives all around (and on) you. I hope you enjoy sharing this journey with me.

Explorations in Backyard Biology

Paperback - 204 pages (May 1996) Teacher Ideas Press ISBN: 1563082543

Students will discover a world of learning in their own backyards (and school yards!) with this resource. Exciting classroom and field activities offer the opportunity for hands-on exploration of life science and other subjects across the curriculum. Using drawing and writing skills, they record their observations and experiences in a naturalist's notebook, which leads to further learning discoveries.

Editorial Reviews

"This superb teacher's guide invites teachers and other educators to practice a few drawing skills, to indulge their curiosity and to share the fun of discovery with students." —Y.E.S. Quarterly 14(2) April/June 1997.

"What a delight it is! The whole thing is brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed. I love the way you make the subject so friendly and approachable." —Gifted Child Today Magazine, Vol. 19 No. 5, Sept/Oct 1996

"By emphasizing the process of drawing and combining it with study of an area that some students may think difficult, this book offers a fun and user-friendly approach to science." —Gifted Child Today Magazine, Vol. 19 No. 5, Sept/Oct 1996

"Explains the intricacies of Mother Nature in a way kids can understand and includes hands-on activities so students can go outside and witness firsthand what they've learned." Michigan Alumnus Magazine, Vol. 103 No. 4, Late Spring 1997

"Filled with many excellent illustrations by the author,...this book is ideal for young children..." —Michigan Alumnus Magazine, Vol. 103 No. 4, Late Spring 1997

Love science, but like to draw too? You can do both by creating a naturalist's notebook. If you're a teacher as well, you can use your student's natural interest in drawing to learn more about biology and the natural world. Explorations in Backyard Biology shows you how to get started by first getting over drawing "angst". Drawing is a learnable skill that quickly improves with practice. I've included "tricks of the trade" to help accelerate the learning curve. But Explorations is not only a teacher's reference. Each chapter begins with a thousand-word article designed for a kid to read, patterned after articles I've written for Highlights for Children and other magazines. Then, specific drawing activities are provided that compliment the natural history topic introduced, followed by background information and references for the teacher's use. I was gratified when fellow science writer, Dougal Dixon, said "What a delight it is! The whole thing is brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed. I love the way you make the subject so friendly and approachable." I was also pleased when the book received an honorable mention from the Learning Teacher's Choice Awards. I hope you will find it a great way to integrate art and science in your lives as well as the classroom.

Sillysaurs - Dinosaurs That Could Have Been, (Limerick and Coloring Book)

Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback (April 1990) Biostration; ISBN: 0962630101

Discover the bizarre world of "unheard of" dinosaurs like Librasaurus, Oopsasaurus, and Bashilopholus.

Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction

Gary Raham author, Paperback,  Publisher: Teacher Ideas Press; 2004 ISBN: 1563089394

Format: Kindle Edition Print Length: 160 pages Publisher: Libraries Unlimited (August 17, 2004) Sold by: Amazon Digital Services ASIN: B000V6LFRA

The literature of science fiction packs up the facts and discoveries of science and runs off to futures filled with both wonders and warnings. Kids love to take the journeys it offers for the thrill of the ride, but they can learn as they travel, too. This book will provide you with: an overview of the past 500 years of scientific thought and the literature of science fiction which it inspired; suggestions for finding and adapting the kind of science fiction that will work best for your classroom; detailed ideas and resources for teaching concepts in the physical, earth, space, and life sciences, as well in history and mathematics; and suggested activities for a variety of grade levels. Appendices provide: science references to help you keep the facts and the fictions straight; national science content standards; and detailed lesson plans for an earth science unit where students travel the depths of time and create their own time travelers' diaries.

Editorial Reviews

This book provides you with:

• An overview of the past 500 years of scientific thought and the literature of science fiction, which it inspired.

• Suggestions for finding and adapting the kind of science fiction that will work best for your classroom.

• Detailed ideas and resources for teaching concepts in the physical, earth, space and life sciences as well in history and mathematics. (Emphasis on grades 5-10)

• Suggested activities for a variety of grade levels.

• Appendices Include: Science references to the national science content standards.

• Detailed lesson plans for an earth science unit where students travel the depths of time and create their own time traveler’s diaries.

– Teaching Science Fact with Science Fiction, Teacher Ideas Press, 2004

"If you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, surely you catch more children with science fiction. Gary Raham gets right to the heart of what makes science fun, opening new and old worlds to fresh discovery. I wish there'd been books like this when I was a cub!" – Wil McCarthy, Science Fiction Writer


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